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Valsplat - creating a holistic view on users and insights

How Reveall helps Valsplat provide hundreds of clients with a holistic view on their users.
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The Story

Valsplat is a leading European-based research & design lab that has led major research and design projects for organizations like KLM, Randstad and the University of Amsterdam.  

The team focuses on helping their clients understand their customers’ needs and designing solutions to cater to those needs. When working with companies, the team likes to embed itself in the organization and develop processes that help companies streamline their research efforts and execute on their findings.

But helping so many companies put people at the heart of their designs doesn’t come without challenges.

The Challenge

One of the challenges the team at Valsplat faced was that they were working on hundreds of projects per year. With so much research being conducted for different clients, the team needed a clearer overview of the research projects they were working on. They also needed a solution for managing the thousands of insights and learnings they were gathering.

“As an agency we would gain so much insight into our clients’ customers but without a single place to manage and document our findings, the findings would quickly get scattered”
Joris Leker, Founder of Valsplat.

This was especially true for the many insights they gathered that were not directly related to the project they were working on, but would still be valuable for the companies they served.

“When working with a client, every research project you do has a lot of by-catch - insights that are not relevant to the project but could be super valuable to the company as a whole. Before we started using Reveall, all these additional insights would usually get lost because we had no clear way to document those findings.”
Joris Leker, Founder of Valsplat.

To solve these challenges, the team at Valsplat made Reveall a central part of their research process.

How Reveall helped

Around 30 researchers at Valsplat currently use Reveall to document upwards of 300 projects per year, for over 100 different clients. The team uses Reveall to manage all of the research data and findings that they collect, conducting over 1,500 interviews per year and creating upwards of 750 insight reports.

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The ultimate goal in bringing all this information together in one platform is to be able to provide their clients with a holistic view on their customer.

“With Reveall, the customer insights we gather all get centralized so that anyone in our team can find the most important information about key touchpoints. Reveall provides us with a much more holistic view on our clients’ customers”
Joris Leker, Founder of Valsplat.

Finally, by managing and documenting all of their research in Reveall, the team at Valsplat has a single source of truth with which they can fully support their clients in the long-term.

“Ultimately, Reveall also serves as an archive for our research, which is something that is often underrated. Whenever clients have new stakeholders or team members, Reveall makes it very easy to onboard them and get them up to speed on all the past research that was conducted”.
Joris Leker, Founder of Valsplat.

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