Get the most out of your customer insights

Gather customer data through various sources, turn it into actionable insights and share them across teams.

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How Reveall works

A platform where insights come together

No more getting lost amongst heaps of unorganized data. One place for all your customer insights.

Manage research

Easily plan, manage and collaborate on your research studies as a team with customizable templates that help standardize and simplify research efforts.

Streamline insights

Use custom tags and categories to properly organize, filter and search for data with an interface designed for connecting the dots between different insights.

Make insights actionable

Make your customer insights actionable by associating them with practical templates and canvases, such as customer journey maps.

Share insights with others

Different ways to share your insights so that you can easily loop in others and make sure your findings are noticed and understood.

Why are customer insights important?

of customers expect companies to understand their needs.
- Forbes
companies see customer experience as their main competitive challenge.
- Gartner
more profits generated by companies that are customer-centric.
- Deloitte

Become truly customer-centric

Make sense of all your insights so you can truly get to know your customers.
A single source of truth
Create a single place where customer data from all sources comes together.
No more silos
Share insights across teams and avoid doing research that has already been done.
Actionable insights
Collaborate on research and turn raw data into insights you and your team can act on.
“You can feel that this tool is created by people who know what research entails. We've experienced firsthand how our insights were found and used over time, instead of disappearing where hardly anyone will ever look for them again.”
Hélène van den Dries
User Experience @ WeTransfer
“Thanks to Reveall, our clients have a proper overview of all their customer insights, making them much easier to use.”
Joris Leker
Co-Founder @ Valsplat
“We use Reveall to collect every insight we learn. These insights are based on different observations and data from our research. Thanks to Reveall, our knowledge about our customers is now easily consumable as isn’t hidden away in reports.”
Maike Klip
UX Researcher @ Duo

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