Customer intelligence for product teams

Import customer feedback from anywhere and effortlessly generate actionable insights, flag customer problems and prioritize feature ideas.
Reveall helps more than 1,000 product professionals solve their customers’ most important problems.

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Trusted by the next-gen B2B SaaS with a score of 4.8 on Capterra

Product discovery made easy

Reveall helps you get the most out of your customer feedback, so you can make impactful product decisions.

Turn unstructured feedback into actionable insights

Bring all your customer feedback together in one place and effortlessly derive actionable customer insights from it.

Prioritize product ideas with confidence

Easily align your customer feedback to your product ideas and make decisions faster and with total confidence.

Get an overview of your biggest product opportunities

Automatically spot and visualize your top product opportunities and generate feature ideas to address them.

Contextualize insights within the customer experience

Easily generate visual maps to provide the customer experience context to your learnings and ideas.

Integrate with any tools you use to collect feedback

Integrate with any tool to centralize feedback from sales, customer support, marketing and your own research - a single source of truth for the voice of the customer.
“Being able to centralize and streamline customer insights is key to delivering real user value and driving product strategy in the right direction.”
Darinka Burovska
Product Discovery Coach at Maven

AI-powered recommendations

Reveall makes your customer feedback actionable through highly impactful AI-powered recommendations including insights, opportunities and feature requests.
“Gaining actioable insights from your discovery data is critical to make better decisions and getting continuous buy-in from stakeholders.”
Niko Noll
Product Consultant

Make decisions faster, with total confidence

No more decisions based on confirmation biases, HiPPo and lacking data. Bring confidence to your ideas with instant access to customer learnings.
“Being able to use customer insights at every step of the decision-making process is the key to building great products.”
Nils Van Den Broek
Co-Founder at Valsplat

Everything you need to make your team successful

Integrated with your tool stack
Reveall integrates both ways with any tools in your stack. Automatically import feedback to and export ideas from Reveall.
Real support by product experts
Get the support you need, when you need it. Just drop us a message via the live chat at the bottom right of the page.
GDPR-compliant data protection
Reveall is EU-Based and offers the highest standards for data protection and security, enusuring your data is always safe and secure.

What our customers say about us

"Reveall helps us leverage important customer insights on different levels throughout the company in a consistent way, making them accessible and actionable for everyone within PostNL"
Feyo van der Goes
Sr. Service Designer at PostNL
“Reveall has become a database for any insights we use as a product team, whether it's user research, customer feedback or CRO data. It helps us keep track of everything, plan next steps and create alignment. I love that it's all in one place.”
Berber Bijlsma
Product Analyst at GrandVision
“With Reveall, we can quickly gain actionable insights from all the customer feedback we collect, providing us with a holistic view on our customers and a quick way to contextualize and validate ideas”
Joris Leker
Co-Founder at Valsplat

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