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Introducing Actions in Reveall—prioritize your product with confidence

We’re excited to launch our most exciting flagship feature yet: Actions

Now you can prioritize your product backlog with confidence—directly within Reveall.

All the insights in the world don’t help much if you don’t act on them. Reveall’s purpose is to help product teams use their customer insights to validate product ideas and prioritize their backlogs better.

Now you can plan your next actions, validate through findings, prioritize them and send them directly to your product management tool (Jira, Monday, ClickUp, and others), all within Reveall.

Define next actions

Building the wrong features can harm your product and leave your customers dissatisfied. You can confidently avoid these pitfalls by leveraging your data correctly—and that’s exactly how we can help. 

Within Reveall, under “Actions’ you can now create, prioritize and validate your product backlog. Simply click “+ New Action” to create an Action.

Once you create an Action, you can add context, set a status, assign tags and even set a priority score.

Validate Actions with Findings and Journeys

Studies show that 60% of product teams struggle to connect customer insights to their decision-making. This ends right here and right now!

When creating Actions within Reveall you can attach Findings from your repository as evidence to back up and validate your Action. No more gut feel or guesswork—connect your customer findings directly to your backlog items. 

You can also map actions onto Journeys to see the context of your Action and how it will improve the customer experience.

Prioritize Actions

With Reveall, you won’t have to prioritize product features on assumptions and you’ll be able to better manage the pressure from stakeholders.

All Actions in Reveall can be assigned a Priority Score with our built-in Prioritization, based on the ICE framework (Impact, Confidence, Ease). With Findings and Journeys directly connected to your Actions, you can be more confident than ever in prioritizing the right features.

Send Actions to Jira and other PM tools

Once you have defined, validated and prioritized your Actions, it’s time to share them with the team and get to work on building! 

Via our Zapier integration, you can send Actions from Reveall to any Product Management Tools you use, such as Jira, ClickUp, Monday, or Github - with custom filters and conditions.

Check it out for yourself! Log in and create your actions now! Not a user yet? Start your 14-day trial here

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