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November 17, 2021

Announcing: Raw Data Features on Reveall

Ferdinand Goetzen

We are excited to announce the launch of our first big new feature-set on Reveall: The Raw Data Features. Companies using Reveall can now easily bring all of their customer data into Reveall and create a single source of truth for all customer research and feedback! 

This marks an important first step in our mission to make customer data more actionable. Users can now easily import data from various sources into Reveall and clearly structure it into data points. 

In addition to a new note-taking feature, we are offering automated transcriptions of video and audio files in multiple languages as well as the option to upload PDF files and parse them into editable plain text.

The new features at a glance:

  • Dedicated research projects
  • Research notes
  • Automated transcriptions
  • PDF-to-text
  • Highlights & structured data points

Dedicated Projects & Research Notes:

We’ve updated our ‘Studies’ feature and expanded it to become ‘Projects’; a clear starting point for your research. Now you can take research notes directly within Reveall!

Automated transcriptions & PDF-to-text:

Upload video and audio files (e.g. user interviews, sales conversations) and have them automatically transcribed into editable plain text at the click of a button. Transcriptions are possible for 7 different languages!

You can also upload PDF files (e.g. reports, external research) and have them automatically converted into editable plain text. 

Highlights & structured data points

Highlight snippets of text (from notes, transcriptions, PDFs, etc) and automatically convert them into 'Data Points'. The easiest and fastest way to structure and make sense of your raw research data and turn them into learnings and insights.

The raw data features are only the first of many exciting features to come! We’re working tirelessly to create the ultimate platform for customer-obsessed teams. 

Log in to Reveall to try the features out now! New to Reveall? Create a free trial by clicking here

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