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PostNL - creating a single source of truth

How Reveall helped PostNL consolidate their customer-led strategy and create a single source of truth for all their customer insights.
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The Story

PostNL is one of the largest postal and delivery companies in the world and is the primary postal service in the Netherlands. As a result, practically every single person in the Netherlands has at some point been a PostNL user.

PostNL is strongly committed to customer-centricity, with customer-understanding playing a central role in their mission is to become the deliverer of choice in the Benelux. This has proven very successful with the Netherlands’ postal service ranking as one of the best performing in the world.

Needless to say, supporting different teams across so many brands and products is no easy task.

"Our main goal at PostNL is always to understand our customer. And in our case, our customer can be pretty much everyone in the Netherlands"
Feyo van der Goes, Sr. Service Designer

But in such a large organization, with so many products and services and such a diverse customer base, being customer-led has its challenges.

The Challenge

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Like many organizations these days, PostNL is committed to putting the customer at the center of their decision making, but they stand out in their willingness to go above and beyond to put that commitment into practice.

One of the biggest challenges the organization faced in the past was the fact that there are countless personas that need to be understood and a huge amount of information that needs to be gathered, processed and shared. As a result, teams often struggled to keep track of all the research being done and felt they were missing out on the many learnings and findings that were potentially being siloed or lost.

"One of our main challenges was that different departments were conducting research, but there was no consistency in how that was being done and no single place where the findings were being stored. All this valuable research just got lost in different pages and folders and if someone left the company, all the learnings they had gathered could be lost"
Feyo van der Goes, Sr. Service Designer.

That is when PostNL started to use Reveall to manage their customer insights - as one of the very first adopters of the platform.

How Reveall helped

PostNL uses Reveall as a single source of truth for all their customer research and feedback. Insights are managed and added within Reveall by UX researchers, service designers and external consultants. The insights are then shared with multi-disciplinary product teams that implement them in various products, features and user journeys. Through the single sign-on, anyone within PostNL can log into Reveall to find insights.

At PostNL, all teams are encouraged to use Reveall as a starting point before they develop any sort of product or experience.

“Before anyone works on a project, we recommend they go to Reveall to see what kind of research has been done in the past. We use the platform so much that it is exponentially growing in value. No matter what you’re working on, you will find relevant insights that you can apply to your project. All you need to do is use the right tags.”
Feyo van der Goes, Sr. Service Designer.

To date, PostNL have used the platform to manage over 200 projects and derive more than 1,000 insights. Over 50 teams have collaborated via the platform with upwards of 450 users having used Reveall to find the customer insights they need.

users on the platform
research projects managed
insights created
teams collaborating

By storing all their customer research and feedback in Reveall, the teams at PostNL ensure that they prevent time being wasted on repeat research. Instead, insights are constantly recycled and reused, providing increasing value.

“Recently, a colleague of mine conducted physical research in a retail shop with a physical stand. She logged all the findings directly within Reveall and used the Insights feature to make a list of recommendations and next steps. It was really easy for my team to take over the project because all the information was clear. In less than a year, 3 totally separate teams of researchers and designers worked on the same project at different times and there was no problem picking up where others left off. Thanks to Reveall, we can all constantly improve and build upon our customer research and understanding”
Feyo van der Goes, Sr. Service Designer.

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