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GrandVision Benelux - creating a research database that supports all teams

How Reveall helps Grand Vision create and maintain a research database that supports their global teams.
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The Story

GrandVision is a leading global retailer specializing in eyewear with a network of over 30 brands across 40+ countries. Since 2021, the team at GrandVision Benelux has been using Reveall to support their user research efforts for brands such as Pearle and EyeWish.

Eye care can be a very personal thing for many people. It presents a unique overlap between practical necessities and aesthetic preferences. Being able to support their customers by providing the best products and experience via their various brands is of fundamental importance as the company places empathy and caring at the heart of its business strategy and vision. As their motto states: “eye care, we care more”.

At GrandVision, there are teams dedicated to understanding and improving the user experience. Within the Benelux, the UX Research and Analytics Team in particular is responsible for conducting research and customer data analysis to help provide a holistic understanding of the various customer segments across brands and products. Through their efforts, they help colleagues in branding, design, product development and marketing have a clear understanding of GrandVision’s many customers.

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Needless to say, supporting different teams across so many brands and products is no easy task.

The Challenge

With one team responsible for most online customer insights, a lot rides on their ability to summarize and share their findings with other teams, no matter where they are based. Making important information accessible to different teams proved a serious challenge as there was no single database through which they could share customer insights.

"As a team, we were constantly gaining new insights, but the problem was that most of this valuable customer information was in our heads. It wasn’t shareable or accessible to others. What we really needed was a database for ourselves so that we could use our time wisely and easily find and share customer insights with others when they needed them."
Berber Bijlsma, Digital Analyst & UX Researcher at GrandVision Benelux

With so much research, the team realized that having just a handful of people with most of the information wasn’t ideal. They wanted all of their research efforts and insights to be accessible and available to anyone who would want to learn about their customers. What they needed was a single database through which they could share all of their customer insights with other teams, knowing that the information would be well documented and accurate.

How Reveall helped

Knowing that they wanted to establish a central database for all their UX research findings, they started using Reveall to document all of their studies and findings. About a dozen users from different teams currently log their learnings, data and findings within Reveall and share them with different teams across the Benelux as well as various agencies they work with. Reveall has helped GrandVision track upwards of 120 projects, defining more than 780 data points and reporting well over 100 insights.

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“Reveall has become a database for everything we do as a product team, whether it's user research, data analysis or prioritization. It helps us keep track of everything, plan next steps and create alignment. I love that it's all in one place.”
Berber Bijlsma, Digital Analyst & UX Researcher at GrandVision Benelux

In addition to supporting other teams, Reveall has also helped the UX Research and Analytics Team stay consistent and efficient, even through changes to their processes and team.

“Having a clear overview of our research in Reveall also makes it easier to onboard new team members and prevent us from doing repeat research. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s right there!”
Berber Bijlsma, Digital Analyst & UX Researcher at GrandVision Benelux

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