CoronaMelder - an app designed for everyone

How Reveall helped a group of research and design experts in the Netherlands develop an application to help detect COVID-19 infections faster and stop the coronavirus from spreading.

The Story

In 2020, the world was caught by surprise with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus spread, the whole world was affected and it quickly became clear that new, innovative solutions would be needed to help fight the spread of the virus. 

One such initiative, kicked off by the Dutch government, was the CoronaMelder app. The idea was to create a mobile application that would notify users if they had been in contact with somebody who had tested positive for COVID-19. The ultimate goal of this mobile app was to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep people informed and safe. 

The CoronaMelder app had to be delivered in record time and faced a number of UX challenges. In order to tackle these challenges, the Dutch government put together a team of top research and design experts including Hugo Visser, Jelle Prins, Jasper Hauser and Joris Leker.

The Challenge

Generally, apps are designed with a specific target group in mind. This was not the case with CoronaMelder; it had to be developed for everyone in the Netherlands. For the app to be successful, many people would need to use it. That presents a massive challenge, as the team had to design a product that accounted for differences in age, literacy, technical ability,  languages and accessibility.

It quickly became clear that the only way for the team to really pull off this feat was to do a lot of testing and research. And with so much research, the team needed a tool with which they could manage, centralize and interpret all the data, insights and findings that they gathered - that tool ended up being Reveall.

"Throughout the research, we observed behavior and listened to the intentions behind the story. We wanted to discover what works well, what works less well and what people still had doubts about."

Job Jansweijer, UX Researcher.

How Reveall helped

Face-to-face interviews
Survey responses
Pieces of feedback
UX Researches

The team of about a dozen UX researchers conducted over 180 face-to-face interviews, collected almost 1,000 responses and proactively collected feedback from over 750 users. They used Reveall as a single source of truth, collecting all the user research and feedback data in one place. 

“Having a platform like Reveall to centralize, synthesize and share all of our customer insights made a huge difference. We were able to gain a clear overview of users’ needs and quickly implement changes and improvements into the user experience of the app.  Being able to share the studies with the public played a huge role in building their trust in the app”

Joris Leker, UX Expert. 
An actual insight shared publicly by CoronaMelder (link in Dutch)

With all the research and testing efforts, the CoronaMelder team managed to create an app that has been downloaded over 5.6 million times (32% of the whole population of the Netherlands) and has informed over 260,000 users of contacts with others that have tested positive.

To top it all off, the team has made all of their research publicly available via the link sharing functions in Reveall (in Dutch).

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