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Introducing our latest feature: product themes.

We’re super excited to announce the release of several features and platform improvements within Reveall. Aside from introducing product themes, we’ve also made several tweaks to optimize the way you can manage your data on the platform. 


Whether you’re a researcher, designer or product manager, it’s crucial to have a strategic overview of your customer learnings and product priorities. 

If you work in an agile way, you most likely are familiar with defining themes within your product strategy. 

If you don’t—that’s totally fine! Think of a theme as a wide focus area that helps your team align and keep track of your organizational goals. That’s all there is to it. 😌

This new feature is all about helping your team organize Data, Fidings and Actions according to your product’s key focus areas, objectives or features. 

You could also use it as a “super-filter” across Data, Findings and Actions, which is an excellent way to group and organize all your learnings and opportunities.

Access your Reveall workspace and go to “Themes” to create one in just a few clicks. 

Workflow improvements

In addition to introducing themes, we’ve made a couple of big changes to how you can work with data in Reveall.

Now you can:

  • Neatly organize your Data with tags and categories
  • Seamlessly bulk-tag Findings
  • Easily upload and analyze Data without switching between screens
  • Stackable drawers help you easily navigate between Data, Findings and Actions

Tagging improvements

We’ve made some cool tag-related improvements to help you easily categorize and structure your Data. Aside from just tagging Data, you can also auto-inherit tags from your Data to your Findings. Oh, and you can bulk-tag your Findings, too!

Drawer stacking

Now, working between Data, Findings and Actions is a breeze! Whenever you create a Finding within a Data note or an Action within a Finding, they’ll pop out as a drawer that neatly stacks over the previous drawer (see the example below). 

This way, you can easily click between drawers, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

We really hope that you’ll find Themes and our latest workflow improvements handy! 

Make your product discovery process simple with Reveall. 🏄🏼‍♂️

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