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Introducing Reveall Discovery

We started Reveall with a mission to help teams to do more with their customer insights.

Over the past year, we spoke to hundreds of product teams to better understand what sorts of problems and challenges they faced. One thing that we kept coming back to was product discovery – the process of deeply understanding your customers' problems, needs and desires so that you can build products they really need.

Based on our own product discovery efforts we discovered that many teams wanted help with managing their product discovery process. We’re therefore very excited to announce the launch of Reveall Discovery – a set of features that enables teams to easily define, validate and prioritize their biggest product opportunities, link them to their key outcomes and align around the most effective solutions

Teams using Reveall can now define their key Outcomes and interlink them with Opportunities and Solutions. This new set of discovery tools is underpinned by our insight management features, enabling teams to quickly and easily access the customer insights they need to validate and prioritize ideas.   

Say goodbye to confirmation bias, never-ending backlogs and useless roadmaps. Reveall Discovery helps ensure that your best ideas actually solve your customer’s problems and helps drive your outcomes.

Reveall Discovery can support you with:

  • Outcomes 🧭  – identify goals and OKRs 
  • Opportunities ⭐- list customer problems, needs and desires, validate with insights from the Reveall Repository, prioritize based on ‘impact’ and ‘confidence’
  • Solutions ⚡- define features & product ideas,, validate with insights, and prioritize based on effort.

Check out the new discovery features in Reveall now and don’t forget to share your feedback! You can create a free trial and follow our in-app product discovery tutorial here.

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