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Introducing Automated Opportunity Solution Trees in Reveall

We’re excited to announce the launch of opportunity solution trees within Reveall! Now you can automatically generate opportunity solution trees based on your main outcomes, at the click of a button. 

This is the latest addition to our product maps, which already includes Customer Journey Maps and Product Roadmaps. 

What is an opportunity solution tree?

An opportunity solution tree is a visual representation of the connections between the product and features you are considering building (solutions), the customer problems these are meant to solve (opportunities) and the goals you’re ultimately trying to impact (outcomes). It’s a great way to show how your ideas link back to your outcomes and identify areas that need more research and validation. 

Opportunity solution trees are also a great framework for creating alignment, prioritizing ideas and making sure that your product decisions have direct impact on your team’s goals. 

How do you create an opportunity solution tree in Reveall? 

To create your first opportunity solution tree start by connecting at least one outcome, opportunity and solution within Reveall. You can then go to ‘Maps’, click “New Opportunity Solution Tree '' and select the Outcome from which you want to automatically generate your opportunity solution tree. Once you created it, you can add and connect further opportunities and solutions and even validate them with insights directly within your map. 

For more details on how to create your first opportunity solution tree within Reveall check out this helpdesk article

As with all product maps in Reveall, you can easily create share-links to share your opportunity solution trees with others.

Happy opportunity mapping! 

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