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Announcing: Customer-led Journey Mapping in Reveall

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest flagship feature: Journey Mapping. Now you can create and customize visual journey maps using actual data from projects within Reveall. 

Customer journey mapping can play a fundamental role in helping you gain a holistic understanding of your users and spot opportunities for improving their experience. With our new journey mapping feature, you can collaborate more effectively with your team, contextualize insights and share important learnings with stakeholders - all in one place. 

Take the guesswork out of journey mapping

Using different tools for managing customer insights and mapping customer journeys can be tricky. Insights get lost, tasks get unnecessarily repeated and processes become fragmented, leaving you with a lot of assumptions in your customer journeys. We want to help our users streamline their customer understanding by helping them build validated customer journeys with real insights and actual data points gathered through projects directly within Reveall. 

Visualize customer journey maps with real data

Creating beautiful customer journeys with real data from your customer research and feedback couldn’t be easier!

Once you create a new journey, you can customize the steps and make the journey come to life by adding various data points, insights and other information to it. If your data points have a sentiment attached to them, you can also automatically calculate the customer experience throughout the journey based on the aggregated sentiment of those data points. 

When creating a journey within Reveall, you can now:

  • Create & customize different steps within the journey
  • Drag & drop data points and insights to steps within your journey
  • Automatically calculate and visualize the customer experience throughout the journey, based on the sentiment of data points
  • Add relevant links to steps within your journey
  • Add custom quotes, comments and notes to steps within your journey

To learn more about how to make the most out of our new journey feature, check out our walkthrough article.

Check it out for yourself! Log in and create your first journey now! Not a user yet? Start your 14-day trial here

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